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Lancer Evolution VII

 on 8/18/09  

In 2001, Mitsubishi were forced by to the FIA in WRC running using rules WRC building the class dictatorship of the group to a car instead of A, and this way farmhouses to approval no following rules. Evolution VII was based on the larger platform of Cedia of the lancer and reached consequently more weight concerning evolution VI, but Mitsubishi made up for this with multiple important chassiskneepjes. The largest change was the additive of an active centre difference and more efficient beperken-misstapverschil, whereas for spiral beperken-misstapverschil were added. The torsie was again raised up to 284 feet·lbf (385 N·m.) with engine remained the tweaks which permitted larger air flow, and the horsepower officially at 280 P (276 hp/206 kW). The introduction of evolution VII the first time automatic drivetrain were also clearly included within the model lineup-GT-a. Given as ' gentleman' s express' the version of visually similar VII GSR, the model GT-a was only caused in 2002, and had the following to distinguish the internal and outside specification: GT-a-slechts conclude the diamantbesnoeiing the wheels of the 17 inches (430 mm) alloy, clear behind light Len zen and alle-in-één style voorkoplampen (that later on evolution VIII are used). GT-a had the option of or no spoiler, short spoiler (like later used on evolution VIII 260) or thunderspoiler such as those on standaardEvolutie VII are used models. The most distinguishing property was a bonnet smooth without lucht-grills on at all.

Although offering inferior cooling possibilities, the bonnet was devised giving the air with less air capacitance a cleaner line by at motorway speeds. The inland country with factory options of luxefluweel on national level, complete leathers or the Recaro sport seats can be specified. The inland country GT-a was different door handles, had chromed a different control panel (to show insofar that the apparatus selection) and chromium sharpened settings around speedo and tach. GT-a had also extra correct moderating installed of the factory and the engine collecting control and downpipe were more quietly to have built to. 5 send automatic acceleration barge had what Mitsubishi " called; confused logic" , what meant that the car would learn what driver' s the drijfkenmerken were as and the timing of the apparatus change adapt and below responses accordingly would kick.

The apparatuses manually like with the most of tiptronics by means of wheel wheel + and - tie (a couple both sides) or can be selected by means of selecting the tiptronic gateway with the apparatus lever. The power was below little of the standard handauto' s with very useful bhp 260 (194 kW). The acceleration barge GT-a did not appear is again in evolution VIII but installed in the domain version of evolution IX carriage.

Crash evo huhh..

Lancer Evolution VII 4.5 5 admin 8/18/09 In 2001, Mitsubishi were forced by to the FIA in WRC running using rules WRC building the class dictatorship of the group to a car instead ...

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